Thurrock Borough Council is looking for options for growth. West Horndon provides a great opportunity to accommodate some of this growth, with the ability to develop and provide the infrastructure that new and existing communities need upfront as part of our plans.


The land at West Horndon is in the South Essex sub-region – an area with an already strong local economy set to grow significantly over the next few years through further investment, including the Government-approved Thames Freeport.

Thurrock’s strong local economy and the lack of new homes built in the borough over the last two decades have combined to create an immense need for housing. The most recently published housing numbers (2020-2021) note 7,155 applicants on the Council’s waiting list and that number is expected to keep growing. Ultimately, these plans at West Horndon would make a valuable contribution to Thurrock’s need for family homes and affordable housing.


West Horndon Railway Station provides a key focal point for economic growth within the A127 Southern Growth Corridor. Our planned improvements to the station would bring benefits to Brentwood too.

Sustainable travel will also be enhanced with the opportunity to form a new multi-modal transport hub using the existing and under-utilised station.


West Horndon was identified as a potential new settlement in Thurrock Council’s Issues and Options Consultation (Dec 2018) as part of the Local Plan process.

The 2020 South Essex Strategic Growth Locations Study reviewed land availability and development constraints across South Essex, considering potential locations for urban extensions and new communities. The study identified West Horndon, along with one other location, as having the best scope for strategic growth.


We have been working on this project for many years and have a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities Thurrock faces, both now and in the future. We have taken the time to get to know the community and landscape at West Horndon, to make sure we understand what good growth in the area could look and feel like.

Our work on the project will take the Council’s and other developers’ plans into account, ensuring a joined-up approach which benefits West Horndon and Thurrock more widely.