Investment in infrastructure is important for any development.  West Horndon will not only provide for Brentwood and Thurrock’s housing needs, but will bring significant investment to the existing community, delivering growth sensitively whilst complementing other planned for growth nearby.

West Horndon is an opportunity to provide growth in the right place.


An enlarged West Horndon presents the opportunity to enhance the existing train station, to maximise the benefit of excellent, sustainable, connections to London in the west and Basildon in the east.

E&A Strategic Land is committed to working with c2c in a coordinated approach to provide significant improvements to the existing train station.


Infrastructure investment is key to successful development. By planning for the long-term needs of the area, larger developments can provide the investment needed to deliver much-needed infrastructure improvements.

In addition to a transformed train station, there is the opportunity at West Horndon to create a well-connected transport interchange, with integrated bus and train services.

This interchange will improve connections  to Thurrock to the south and Brentwood to the north and the wider south Essex region.

There is the opportunity to deliver a new road to the south of West Horndon connecting the train station to the A128. This new road will benefit the existing residents through alleviating the pressure of traffic through West Horndon to access the station, particularly following the development of Dunton which has been identified as a garden village by Brentwood Borough Council.


With the West Horndon Industrial Estate planned for residential redevelopment, providing opportunities for additional and varied employment will be important for complementing a thriving community.

The vision for West Horndon is to create diverse employment opportunities, from encouraging local businesses and creative industries with start-up units, to offices or light industrial.

West Horndon will be a place to live and work.


West Horndon will provide a range of high-quality homes of varying sizes, including affordable housing, catering for both families and first time buyers –  meaning those who grew up in the community have the opportunity to live there-  as well as older residents with retirement living, or extra care.


Investing in local infrastructure means investing in the health and wellbeing of a community. West Horndon can provide a new primary and secondary school,  enhanced medical facilities, additional sport pitches, and landscape open spaces which will provide circular loop routes for walking and jogging.


Through providing adequate drainage for the development, and improvements to the existing poorly maintained culvert system, there is the opportunity to not only improve the drainage through attractive Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDs) features,  but reduce the prospect of further surface water flooding events in West Horndon, benefiting the existing community.